The WRITING INSTRUMENT MUSEUM (The WIM) traces its origin to 2004 when Long-time Pen Collector and restorer Syd Saperstein took advantage of the then new opportunities afforded by the young internet to offer products and services to the public as PENSBURY MANOR.  While all vintage and classic writing instruments were and remain Syd’s general interest, Syd concentrated on the WAHL-EVERSHARP brand.  Almost simultaneously, his interest in restoring and repairing writing instruments turned into offering Vintage, Antique writing instruments, repair and restoration as well as a whole line of new manufacture products and services.  This combination gave rise to website pages devoted to various aspects of writing instruments : Vintage Pens for sale, Restoration services, Do-It-Yourself products that aid the pen collector in repairing and restoring their pens and pencils.  The WIM maintains a comprehensive library of historical materials that cover the history and activities of  vintage writing instruments with heavy emphasis on the WAHL-EVERSHARP family of companies. Some of these reference materials are shown on other of this website’s pages. W love helping pen owners in identify their pens as well as restoring pens for them.   The WIM continues all of these activities today!

Perhaps the most significant of his pen accomplishments, In 2012, Syd was responsible for the re-birth of the all new WAHL-EVERSHARP Pen Company which continues to produce vintage inspired modern pens of the highest quality.  WAHL-EVERSHARP Pens have won three Pen World READERS CHOICE AWARDS. The day to day management of the sales and distribution of the WAHL-EVERSHARP Company is now in the hands of the Pen Family.  The WIM and PENSBURY MANOR retains the right to sell WAHL-EVERSHARP accessories such as WAHLBERRY AND EVERBERRY Inks, WAHL-EVERSHARP Pen Pouches and more.  Visit the WAHL-EVERSHARP ACCESORIES pages of this website.

In sum, The WIM is the result of a combination of years of hobby interest, historical research, and passion for writing instruments that possess both timeless if not iconic design excellence and great writing.  The expertise gained over the years and the extensive stock of new and vintage pens and pen parts, related to in The Wahl Company, Eversharp, Inc, and  The WAHL-EVERSHARP Pen Company give PENSBURY MANOR the ability to specialize in and provide unparalleled Pen repair and restoration services.

The Writing Instrument Museum LLC and Pensbury Manor LLC, are Arizona Limited Liability Corporations,   All matters related to products, warranties, and other policy matters should be directed to the Head Office located at 4739 N Scottsdale Rd, Suite H101, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 Phone: (480) 426-2648 Fax: 888-430-4295.

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